Mission Statement

Our mission is to enrich our residents' lives and health through teamwork and continuous quality improvement. We have been established to provide long-term care services primarily to seniors from many different backgrounds. In an atmosphere of responsive, loving support, our programs will be designed to promote optimum health, maximum independence and improved quality of life for our residents in a culturally sensitive manner.

Vision Statement

We will be seen by our community as an ethical, trusted highly competent team, and the first choice for long-term care services in our area.

Our home, programs and services will reflect the values of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in such a way that people of all faiths and philosophies will feel welcome.

Our programs and services will be recognized as progressive and innovative. Residents in the surrounding community will be invited to join many of our programs and to share our walkways and gardens.

Values Statement

Quality - We are committed to the provision of quality care, delivered with compassion, understanding and sensitivity.

Positive Staff Relations - We believe that our staff are our greatest asset. We will demonstrate this by encouraging them in the pursuit of excellence and personal and professional development, and by establishing a workplace culture that supports empowerment, innovation and teamwork.

Honesty - We believe open, transparent communication and processes will establish and maintain excellent relations with our residents and families, with each other, and with our partners.

Teamwork and Environment - We believe that the knowledge and experience of each team member must be recognized and utilized in order to deliver excellent services in our complex health care environment.

Continuous Quality Improvement - We believe Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) offers the best opportunity to meet and maintain the highest standards of service and workplace satisfaction. We will integrate CQI into every aspect of our operation.

Fun - While we believe that providing or receiving long-term care services is a serious business; we also believe that spontaneity and laughter can brighten the day, and increase the satisfaction of both residents and staff.