Meet Our Leadership Team

Love, care and attention 24 hours a day is what we do best. Your loved ones will never be left alone. At Valleyview, there is always someone close by to help care for, encourage and support your loved one. At Valleyview we have over 200 employees who work to ensure that your dearly beloved are well taken care of.


Elizabeth Bryce – Administrator

Anne Holden– Director of Resident Care

Jonnie Gordon - IPAC Coordinator

Marie Jane Lopez-Torres – Resident Care Manager (Home Area 2 West, 2 East, and 4 West)

Arlyn La Guardia – Resident Care Manager (Home Area 3 West, 3 East, and 4 East)

Jennifer Prakash – Administration Services Manager

Johanna Walker – Clinical Services Manager (RAI MDS/Rehabilitation)

Dash Belliu – Environmental Services Manager

Kristy Cao – Food Services Manager

Kizzia Lawrence – Resident & Family Relations Coordinator

Lynda Charters – Programs Manager

Valleyview Residence is governed by a Voluntary Board of Directors who help facilitate the direction of the home. For more information about our Board of Directors please visit: